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Section 6: Otematata to Kurow

Ride alongside the scenic foreshores of Lake Aviemore and Lake Waitaki.

Section 6: Otematata to Kurow

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From Otematata, take the sealed pathway and gravel Trail beside Loch Laird Rd before joining the road for the short steep climb onto the Benmore Dam (6km).

Cross over the dam to join the Te Akatarawa Road for a scenic lake shore ride to Aviemore Dam (28km). This section is Grade 3 by virtue of the potentially busy holiday season road traffic (which is restricted to an 80km/hr speed limit).

After crossing the Aviemore Dam, the Grade 2 off road section passes the ghost town of Wharekuri, before passing Lake Waitaki and the Waitaki Dam 36km.

After the Waitaki Dam the trail continues off-road to Kurow (44km).

  • Benmore Dam
  • Benmore Peninsula Track
  • Lake Aviemore:
    • Camping
    • Swimming
    • Boating
    • Fishing
  • Deep Stream Walking Track
  • Aviemore Dam
  • Wharekuri Ruins
  • Waitaki Dam
  • Kurow Museum
  • Waitaki Whitestone Aspiring Geopark

  • Trail route and weather conditions are subject to change. Please check the Trail Conditions page before daily departure.
  • Loch Laird section – take care between Otematata and the Benmore Dam as it is crossed by several vehicle tracks and roads. Look out for vehicles and be prepared to give way.
  • Te Akatarawa Rd – this is a moderate volume, relatively narrow road. Please keep left, ride single file and wear high vis clothing. Check this website before departure as the dams are sometimes closed to all traffic.
  • Cattle stops – take care in frosty or wet weather as these can be slippery on a bike.

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