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The Hidden Treasure of the Alps 2 Ocean Cycle Trail

The Alps 2 Ocean Cycle Trail is not just a scenic route for cycling enthusiasts; it's a journey through time, culture, and history. Stretching from the majestic Southern Alps to the coastal town of Ōamaru, this trail offers a unique perspective on the cultural and historical significance of the regions it traverses.

So, what's on this cycling route?

  1. Māori Heritage:

    The trail begins in the Aoraki/Mount Cook National Park, home to the Ngāi Tahu iwi, the principal Māori tribe of the region. For centuries, this area has held spiritual and cultural significance for the Māori people, with legends and stories woven into the landscape.

  2. Gold Rush Era:

    As cyclists go through the Mackenzie Basin, they are transported back to the gold rush era of the 1860s. Towns like Ōmārama and Kurow were bustling with miners seeking their fortune, leaving behind a legacy of historic buildings and tales of perseverance.

  3. Victorian Architecture:

    In Ōamaru, riders see the well-preserved Victorian precinct, known for its stunning limestone buildings. This architectural gem offers a glimpse into New Zealand's colonial past and the prosperity brought by the shipping and wool industries.

  4. Natural Wonders:

    Along the way, cyclists are treated to breath-taking natural wonders, from the Lake Pukaki waters to the rugged beauty of the Waitaki Valley. These landscapes have inspired adventurers, cyclists and more.

  5. Cultural Experiences:

    The trail is not just about cycling; it's also a chance to engage with local culture. Visitors can taste delicious cuisine, meet friendly locals, and learn about the traditions and customs that define life in the region.

  6. Community Impact:

Beyond its historical and cultural significance, the trail has had a positive impact on local communities. It has boosted tourism, created employment opportunities, and fostered a sense of pride among residents. The latest reports show that Alps 2 Ocean visitors contribute xxx to the region, showing the significant positive impact of the Trail for our district.

So next time you visit the South Island, remember to explore the hidden gems along the Alps 2 Ocean Cycle. Do you have hidden gems along the trail that you discovered you would like to share with us? We want to expand our list of all hidden gems, so send an email to with your adventures images and a brief description of the location and we will share on our social pages.