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What to Do When Encountering Livestock on the Alps 2 Ocean Cycle Trail

The stunning Alps 2 Ocean Cycle Trail winds through breathtaking landscapes including working farms with livestock. While landowners take care to ensure the trail is clear, there might be instances when cyclists encounter animals such as cattle and sheep.

Staying alert and prepared while cycling is crucial to managing such encounters smoothly. Here are some tips to navigate these situations:

Follow Instructions

Livestock are typically encountered on the Trail when handlers are moving them. Always follow instructions of the handlers driving the stock.

Stay calm

Cattle and sheep are generally docile animals, but sudden movements or loud noises might startle them. Slow down as you approach livestock, keep calm, and avoid making abrupt gestures or loud sounds.

Alert them

Make your presence known. Gently ring your bell or call out in a calm and reassuring tone. This alerts the cows or sheep about your presence and gives them a chance to move away.

Avoid startling gestures

Sudden movements or attempting to ride directly through the herd might agitate the animals. If they seem agitated, it's best to dismount and calmly stay still until the livestock have passed.

Respect their space

Livestock, especially cows, might feel territorial or protective, especially if they have young with them. Give them ample space and avoid getting too close. Respect their territory and avoid any actions that might provoke them.

Wait patiently

Sometimes, cows or sheep might be grazing or moving slowly, and it might take a bit of time for them to clear the path. Be patient and wait at a safe distance until they move away naturally.

Use alternative routes

If the cows seem particularly agitated, consider finding an alternative route. Safety is paramount, so if it seems risky to proceed, it's best to find another way around.

Remember, most livestock animals are peaceful animals and are generally uninterested in cyclists. However, it's always good to approach them with caution and respect. If you're uncertain about how to handle the situation, it might be best to wait until they move away.