Trail Status

This page was last updated on the 28th of April 2018, apart from the information below we are not aware of any other issues along the trail. 

Please report any issues to: 027 768 0378 or [email protected]


TRAIL STATUS UPDATE - Caution Rumble Strips 

DATE NOTIFIED - 28-4-2018

SECTION -  Omarama to Kurow 

Rumble strips have gone down on State Highway 83 between Omarama and Otematata and Otematata and Kurow. This has left very minimal if any space to cycle on the left hand side of the white line. 
If you do not feel confident cycling on highways please make alternative arrangements prior to your cycle trip. 

If you are cycling on Statehighway 83 please keep as far left as possible and make sure you a visible to traffic. 

Please call Alps 2 Ocean booking consultants for alternative options - Please contact [email protected] or phone 027 768 0378


TRAIL STATUS -  Pukaki Irrigation Infrastructure Partnership (PIILP) has commenced the construction of an Off Take Structure along the Tekapo Canal, just upstream of the Tekapo B headpond.

DATE NOTIFIED - 13 Feb 2018
This work requires construction traffic including excavators and for a short time a mobile crane. Safety of the public as well as Genesis and PIILP staff is paramount, and safe working requires exclusion of the public, Mount Cook Alpine Salmon and Genesis staff from the construction areas.  

The construction will involve a continuous 14-week road closure period, commencing from Tuesday 20th February

The attached map details the portion of the Tekapo Canal Road that will be closed, and where pedestrians and cyclists can access the true-right side of the Tekapo Canal from the true left, for the period of the road closure. Vehicles will still be able to access the lower parts of the Tekapo Canal road around the true-left hand side of the Tekapo B headpond, up to the road closure point.
UPDATE  25th May 2018 - Construction of the Offtake System is progressing however, ground conditions have caused changes to the timeframe for the works plan. There has also been a delay to moving existing services to avoid proposed new building foundations. This is being resolved but is likely to result in a delay to road works planned for later. As such the date the Tekapo Canal Road can be returned into service has been revised to the 30 June. 



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