Trail Status

Before you head out onto the Trail please click HERE to read or download your copy of the Alps 2 Ocean Safety Suggestions for each section.  


This page was last updated on the 14/12/ 2018, apart from the information below we are not aware of any other issues along the trail. 

Please report any issues to: 021 196 0127 or [email protected]


Trail Status Summary

To help get a quick overview of what is happening on the trail we have given a quick update on each section of the trail here.  If required we will not any  further detailed information that can be found by scrolling further down the page...  

Section 1:

For this of you that know the trail some sections of the trail have been rerouted at Mount Cook station - please follow the signs...

Section 2:

Meridian are completing erosion repair work to the banks of Lake Pukaki this week - some delays are to be expected as they cross or work beside the Trail - please obey any traffic management signs that they have in place.  (More info on their work location is found below)

Section 3:

Section 4:

Resurfacing is going well at Tarnbrae. This section will be have improvements to the water tables but currently the surface is variable until the final riding surface is applied. Some areas soft and wet. We hope to apply the final surfacing next week (w/c 17/12) if the weather allows sufficient drying. Be prepared to encounter machinery and dismount to walk some sections if required.

Section 5:

Section 6:

Some sections of new trail expected to be available for use over the Holidays but not all due to requirements for bridges. Creeks to be crossed at road bridges in the interim with normal road rules applying. Sections able to be used will be signposted. 

There is a new irrigation construction base established between the Waitaki Dam and Awakino River.  A large number of vehicles will be turning into and crossing the Trail to gain access to the base on a dialy basis.  Large vehicles have blind spots when turning - please give them plenty of room to menoever. Construction on the irrigation scheme begins in earnest on January the 7th but more equipment is arriving w/c 17/12 - please refer back here for regular updates

Section 7:

The trail from Kurow to Duntroon is now OPEN again after the Kurow Creek and river fords were closed due to flooding - more information below.  PLEASE NOTE: A bulldozer will be working around Kurow Creek on the 15th and 16th of December - proceed with caution.

Section 8:

Currently Closed from Island Cliff to Enfield... Work on clearing away the slips around Rakis Tunnel started from today (14/12/2018) and the intention is to have this tunnel section open again in a few more days. Expect variable surface conditions with some sections scoured and rough and other areas very soft. Be prepared to dismount if necessary.  More information can be found below... Updates on work progress will follow...


Section 7:- The Kurow Creek /  Otiake River  / Otekaieke River crossings are OPEN - (previously closed due to floodwaters)

UPDATED:- 14/12/2018

The Trail fords across these two rivers are now passable.  By this time of the year the river beds would typically be almost dry, but with the recent record rainfall through Novemeber they have been impassable. The trail closed signs at the cattle stop leaving Kurow and at the gate post off SH83 at Otekaieke River have been taken down.

You are advised that;

- The rivers are still flowing, so you may still get wet feet - Kurow Creek has a culvert, but as of today (14/12/2018) Otiake is about 150mm deep and the Otakaieke is up to 300mm deep.

- The top course of gravel has been washed off the track in places leaving a rough surface, so you may need to walk your bike for short distances

- Any additional rain will cause these rivers to rise quickly again - please take care and use you judgement when crossing these fords. (Alternative routes are signposted back out to the SH83 road should you chose not to negotiate either ford). 

Thanks for you patience and understanding for having to take the road while the fords have been running high.


Section 2:- CAUTION required - Meridian and their contractors are carrying out repair work to the southern shoreline of Lake Pukaki for two days between the 13th and 21st of December.

Updated 12/12/2018

Meridian Energy will be conducting erosion control works along the southern shoreline of Lake Pukaki in December 2018.  Minor disruption to the A2O is expected.  Large vehicles will be carrying boulders and gravel that will be deposited along the shoreline to limit erosion.  Meridian and Paul Smith Earthmoving will endeavour to carry out the works in a safe manner.  To do so, cycle way users may be asked to stop for a couple of minutes while machinery is operating within reach of the cycleway. For their own safety, we ask cyclists to please stop on request.

Meridian apologizes for the inconvenience but hope you enjoy your ride.  Stay safe.

Please check back here for an update for confirmation of the completion date of this work.


Section 4: Lake Ohau Lodge to Omarama - CAUTION required over the Tarnbrae section due to repair works

Updated 4/12/2018

From the 29th of November remedial work will start on the Trail surface to the Tarnbrae section.  Please be aware of contractors working this area and be prepared to follow their instructions.  You may be asked to wait for a moment while a helicopter drops off a load of gravel, or a digger completes it's task for example.  Hopefully any delays to your journey will be minimal. 

Subject to weather conditions and progress made, the contractors could be carrying out work here till possibly the 21st of December.   (They have some nice views to enjoy while they work!)


We will update this post once work has been completed.


Section 8:- UPDATED:- 29/11/2018 - Island Cliff to Enfield section of the Trail CLOSED due to flood damage

Much of the Trail in this section and many of the surrounding roads have been under deep water. Parts of this section of the trail have definitely sustained damage and are currently unrideable at this time. We have contractors inspecting the Trail to assess the damage sustained and any safety issues that need to be addressed before opening this section again.

UPDATE TO ROAD CLOSURE (29/11/2018) The road section around Island Cliff has been closed - MAP -  The Waitaki District Council are working on repairing this section this morning 29/11/2018) and expect to OPEN the road again at around 1:00pm today.  Vehicle speed restrictions will be in place and caution is advised. 

We will update this status as the track gets inspected.  More rain is forecast which may mean additional flooding and additional damage.

Some selected photos of the damage sustained to this section of the Trail...


Please be aware of the conditions on the Trail. as water hazards / wash outs and branches in you path are always a possibility.





Section 8: Rakis tunnel to Windsor - CAUTION:- Under-runners have opened up beside the track in this section. 

Date Notified 16/11/2018

About 5 under-runners have opened up beside the Trail in this section - the trail itself is not affected at this time.


Sections:- 5 & 7 - East of Omarama and close to Kurow Creek -  (Notified CAUTION 13/11/2018)

UPDATE - 16/11/2018

The recent heavy rain has caused some damage to small sections of the trail in these two areas - please use caution and dismount if necessary,


PLEASE BE AWARE - Alps 2 Ocean Trail users need to be aware that erosion and washouts are a constant hazard and care should be taken.  As always, weather conditions can change quickly, so you will need to regularly check weather reports for updates and prepare for your trip accordingly.


Section 8 Duntroon to Oamaru

Date notified: 6.10.2018
Roadworks on the section of A2O from Duntroon past Elephant Rocks. Cyclists will need to use the road for short sections and obey traffic management that is in place. This work is expected to continue through to 16 November 2018.

TRAIL STATUS UPDATE - Winter Season Update

DATE NOTIFIED - 12-06-2018
SECTION - All Sections

Mt Cook to Twizel-Section 1 & 2: Logging in process along Hayman Road. Riders are advised to keep far left, ride in single file and wear high visibility clothing.

Sections of the Pukaki Flats are subject to freezing in winter. Do not ride when ground is thawing - mud becomes sticky.

Twizel to Ohau- Section 3: When the Ohau Weir is in flood there is NO WAY to cross it. Please contact Alps 2 Ocean booking agents for transport options.

Ohau to Omarama-Section 4: Sections of the Tarnbrae Track are subject to freezing in the winter. Do not ride when the ground is thawing - mud becomes sticky. Beware of rocky and rough trail surface.

Omarama to Otematata-Section 5: Parts of the trail are on State Highway 83. Please ride single file, keep far left and wear high visibility clothing. Watch for any ice formed on the road and ride with care. If you are not comfortable cycling on the State Highway please refer to our website for alternative transport options.

Otematata to Kurow-Section 6: Please be careful when turning right into the new section of trail off SH83. Make sure there is no traffic behind you or pull over to the shoulder of the road before crossing the highway. Parts of the trail are on State Highway 83. Please ride single file, keep far left and wear high visibility clothing. Watch for any ice formed on the road and ride with care. If you are not comfortable cycling on the State Highway please refer to our website for alternative transport options.

Kurow to Duntroon-Section 7: The trail between Kurow and Duntroon crosses 3 rivers (Kurow Creek, Otiake River and Otekaieke River). These sections can flood during significant rainfall and snow melt. If the rivers are in flood you are best to ride on the road from Kurow to Duntroon. If you are on the trail and do not feel safe to cross the rivers there are flood routes up on highway bridges. Flood routes may involve walking your bike or crossing fences using stiles. Alternatively retrace your steps until you can access the highway.

Sections of the Waitaki haul road are shared with recreational vehicles and cyclists. Please ride or drive with consideration.
The Waitaki River is swift flowing and not generally suitable for swimming.
Several ponds along the trail are fenced off. Please be aware of electric fences along the route.

Duntroon to Oamaru-Section 8: Take care of agricultural vehicles using the roads. Please stay on formed track through private property (strictly no dogs). There are numerous electric fences. Please keep left in single file, especially on blind corners. There will be repair work ongoing in the Rakis Tunnel area (Windsor), please watch for areas of the trail that have been fenced of or have cones around them.

Tekapo to Twizel-Alternative Route: There can sometimes be strong wind gusts along the Tekapo Canal Road. There may be some service vehicles operating. Please keep left and ride single file. The road may be closed for operational and public safety purposes.

Weather: Please be mindful of weather conditions and check reports before you cycle. Please carry wet weather clothing as well as high visibility clothing. Tell someone where you are biking and when you are expected to return.



DATE NOTIFIED - 12-06-2018

SECTION -  Section 1 Mt Cook to Braemar and Section 2 Braemar to Twizel 

A logging operation is in progress throughout these sections until further notice. 

The logging company self imposed speed restriction of 50 kmph when laden and are trying to operate before 9.00am in the morning and after 3pm in the afternoon.

Please be mindful of trucks and this serves as a reminder to keep left and wear high vis clothing when cycling the trail. 

Please call Alps 2 Ocean booking consultants for alternative options - Please contact [email protected] or phone 027 768 0378


TRAIL STATUS UPDATE - Caution Rumble Strips 

DATE NOTIFIED - 28-4-2018

SECTION -  Omarama to Kurow 

Rumble strips have gone down on State Highway 83 between Omarama and Otematata and Otematata and Kurow. This has left very minimal if any space to cycle on the left hand side of the white line. 
If you do not feel confident cycling on highways please make alternative arrangements prior to your cycle trip. 

If you are cycling on State Highway 83 please keep as far left as possible and make sure you a visible to traffic. 

Please call Alps 2 Ocean booking consultants for alternative options - Please contact [email protected]


Ohau Weir Camera.

Service from the Ohau Weir camera is not 100% reliable as it does not always update hourly.  If you wish to check on the Lake Ohau Weir status and lake levels you can also visit the Meridian Energy website ( - you will need to refer to the current lake level indicated in the graph of the Lake Ohau section for information of the current lake level.   Levels above 520.4m result in water discharging over the outlet weir and into the Upper Ohau River. 

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