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This page was last updated on 6/12/2021.

Important Update: The Alps 2 Ocean Cycle Trail is within ORANGE setting under the COVID-19 Protection Framework 


Cycling the Alps 2 Ocean Cycle Trail is fully available for all however please note the following information if you are heading out to ride on the trail. 

Please ensure you socially distance from other trail users, keep tracking where you have been and stay at home if you are sick.

Wearing a mask while cycling is not expected however should be worn when you are near others not from your party and entering any premises.

You will need a Vaccine Pass if you wish to be seated on premises and purchase food and drinks at any of the towns along the Trail. 

A Vaccine Pass is required by food and drink service businesses (cafes and restaurants) and will need to be verified before serving you. Their staff are required to be fully vaccinated. If they choose not to do this they can only operate as a contactless service i.e. takeaway. 

Accommodation, tour companies, retail, transport and other Alps 2 Ocean support services can choose whether they require a Vaccine Pass but are more than likely going to mandate this to keep customers and locals safe. When booking your accommodation you will need to confirm that they require Vaccine Passes if that is your preference.

Please note that there may be Trail maintenance staff out working. If you come across maintenance or repair work sites, please follow all instructions of staff, ensure you maintain social distance from them and proceed through the site with care and caution.


Trail update

TRAIL STATUS UPDATE 10/01/2022 Section 8
M3 Contracting are back working at the Maerewhenua River (between Duntroon and Elephant Rocks) for the next couple of days and once they complete this work they will move back to the 3 Rivers section of the track to continue repairs.
We will post again when they have shifted to 3 Rivers.
Give them the thumbs up if you are going past!

Also note that there is no toilet between Rakis Tunnel and Weston so you will need to make use of these facilities and not expect anything in between.



Before you head out onto the Alps 2 Ocean Cycle Trail at any time please click HERE to read or download your copy of the Trail's Safety Suggestions for each section.  Please prepare for the conditions and weather before you set out and take some water with you  At any time and the weather can change quickly, please take something warm and a separate waterproof layer just in case.

Should you discover any issues along the Trail (other than those listed below) or should you see a potential hazard please let us know about it.... 

Please report any events or Trail issues  CONTACT US BY EMAIL



Trail Status Summary

To help get a overview of what is happening on the trail we have given a brief update on each section of the trail here.  Please check back regularly for any updates...  

Section 1: Aoraki / Mt Cook to Braemar Road

  1. UPDATE 2/6/2021 - Section 1.   Parts of this Trail between the Rotten Tommy helicpoter drop off point and Jollie Carpark have been under water or had streams washing through, so extra care is required to negotiate the water courses and alluvial fans, as these can be rough and rocky.  If in any doubt, dismount and walk through the affected areas.

Section 2: Braemar Road to Twizel

  1. Caution Required - as on many parts of the Trail, your route includes time spent on or crossing quiet country tracks and shingle roads.  It is easy to allow your attention to wander and marvel at the great scenery, however don't forget to pay due attention to the road surface in front of you and be prepared for the odd bump, pot hole or section of loose gravel.  The inappropriate reaction and application of brakes can turn a seemingly innocent surface into the wrong kind of holiday story of scrapes and bruises.  

‚ÄčSection 3: Twizel to Lake Ohau Lodge

  1. If you wish to check on the Lake Ohau Weir status and lake levels you can visit the Meridian Energy website ( - you will need to refer to the lake level indicated in the top right corner of the graph for Lake Ohau.  The the information in the body of the text does not change.   Levels above 520.4m result in water discharging over the outlet weir and into the Upper Ohau River. 

Section 4: Lake Ohau Lodge to Omarama 

  1. Lake Ohau Lodge to the Historic Woolshed - CAUTION ADVISED -  changeable weather patterns in alpine conditions mean that conditions can change quickly. Given the altitude (it is the highest part of the A2O at 900m above sea level at the top), it is advised to pay particular attention to the weather conditions and reports when organising your outing.  The alpine location means that a sudden change to snow / wind / rain / hail and sleet are all possible, sometimes with little or no warning, so if you choose to ride this section, layer up, take wet weather gear and high energy food as a precaution.  At some points on this section you can be more than 5km from the nearest road should you have an accident or breakage - consider bringing or hiring a PLB (Personal Locator Beacon), hire points include Lake Ohau Lodge and from the Cycle Journeys in Twizel.

  2. Quailburn Road CAUTION - about 14km of this road is a gravel surface. Please take care and watch your speed, the gravel can be very loose in places and requires additional care especially while breaking and cornering.  We have had recent reports of riders falling off at speed on the gravel road - being clipped in may also have been a contributing factor in some cases.

Section 5Omarama to Otematata

  1. The new section from Sailors Cutting to Benmore Dam is now open to the public which means that there is no longer a requirement to ride on SH83 over the Otematata Saddle from Sailors Cutting.  This new 16km purpose built off-road cycle Trail is mix of Grade 2 (Easy) and some narrower and steeper Grade 3 (Intermediate) parts.  The scenery this new Trail opens up is amazing, so if you are a little nervous of heights, your riding ability or fitness, leave plenty of time to take it slowly and be prepared to walk any part you are not comfortable riding.  Take a supply of water and snacks - you need to be self sufficient - phone coverage is limited so you may also consider taking a PLB with your party.  As mentioned previously there is a toilet on this new section at about the 10km mark from Sailors Cutting towards Benmore Dam.  

Section 6: Otematata to Kurow


    Section 7Kurow to Duntroon   

  2. UPDATE 3/6/2021 - Section 7 - The Treee Rivers section between Kurow and Duntroon is OPEN 
    There is scoured river crossings, The fords are all still with some water flowing but all passable on this section - a higher level of riding skill, care and attention will be required, or if in any doubt, please walk the softer, rockier or more difficult parts - you may need to get wet feet though the fords in the process. Photos of the three ford crossings as at th 3/6/2021 [Kurow Creek / Otiake River / Otekaieke River]  are included here as reference - subsequent rains may well change the 'lay of the land' for future passage, so rider discretion and care is always required. 


  3. General Note:- For the Kurow Creek, Otiake and Otekaieke Rivers -  moderate rain events cause the rivers to rise quickly (and then recede).  Both the Otiake and Otekaieke River crossings have an alternate flood route on their norther side to get you out to the main road - please take this option if you have any element of doubt as to your ability to make a safe river crossing.   The Otekaieke River flood route requires lifting you bike over several electric fences, however this is still safer than attempting a flooded river crossing.

  4. Please Note:- The river beds are rocky/shingly and soft going in places (even if they are dry) so please use you judgment and dismount if you are unsure of what lies in front of you.  We have many reports of people taking a (soft) tumble when they hit a patch of river bed sand.

Section 8: Duntroon to Oamaru



Section 9 / Alternative Route: Lake Tekapo to Twizel

  1. The Alternative Route starting point has been moved to the Lakeside Car Park.  This is accessed off Hamilton Drive and SH8.  The route to Aorangi Crescent is all off road - please use the pedestrian path when crossing the bridge - pedestrians have priority! Images below of the new starting point signage and view up Lake Tekapo from that location. (See also the map of the new starting point below).



  1. The toilets at the Tekapo 4 Square are open.  The toilets at Lakeside Drive (opposite the campground) and beside footbridge are also open. The toilet beside the canal bridge below Tekapo A power Station is open. 


PLEASE BE AWARE - Alps 2 Ocean Cycle Trail users need to be aware that erosion and washouts are a constant hazard and care should be taken.  As always, weather conditions can change quickly, so you will need to regularly check weather reports for updates and prepare for your trip accordingly.


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