Alps 2 Ocean Cycle Trail Details and Maps

The world-famous Alps 2 Ocean trail is New Zealand’s longest continuous cycle trail.
Starting from the Southern Alps it leads you on a journey through the South Island’s spectacular scenery to the historic coastal town of Oamaru.
The cycle trail is divided into 9 sections (individual Section Maps can be found below), allowing you to break up your adventure as you wish.
Each section has been graded to indicate the fitness and experience required.
The Alps 2 Ocean Cycle Trail is just one of the NZCT 22 Great Rides and all of the Great Rides are graded according to standardised criteria.  All sections of the A2O have been designated either Grade 2 (Easy) or Grade 3 (Intermediate).
To help with your assessment of different sections of the A2O the NZCT definitions are as follows...


Grade 2 (Easy)

  • Suitable for most riders including beginners, occasional cyclists and families with limited cycling experience. A multi-geared bike with medium to wide knobbly tyres is recommended, such as a comfort bike, touring bike or mountain bike. E-bikes are also suitable as long as they are ridden appropriately and have sufficient battery capacity.

  • Off-road trails are usually wide and smooth (firm gravel or sealed), with some gentle climbs. These trails are predictable, i.e. have no nasty surprises. On-road sections of Great Rides generally follow quiet roads with little traffic.


Grade 3 (Intermediate)


  • Suitable for regular experienced cyclists with a good level of fitness and over 12 years old; children should be accompanied by an adult.
  • A mountain bike is recommended for off-road sections. E-mountain bikes are suitable provided they are ridden appropriately, have sufficient battery capacity, and the rider is capable of completing the trail in the event of a battery/power failure.
  • For on-road trails/sections on gravel roads, bikes with knobbly tyres are recommended. Road racing tyres are generally not suitable.
  • Off-road trails can be narrow and may include hills, steep drop-offs and small river crossings. Trail surfaces are mainly firm but may include muddy or loose sections, and obstacles such as rocks or tree roots.
  • On-road trails/sections may have moderate traffic levels (up to 1000 vehicles a day), and include hill climbs and gravel sections. 


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