Hot Tubs Omarama

+64 3 438 9703| [email protected]| 29 Omarama Avenue, Omarama 9412, New Zealand

After a day cycling through the awesome Mackenzie Country, or beside the beautiful hydro lakes – Waitaki, Aviemore and Benmore – you have reached the junction town of Omarama.

Now is the time to soak in a private outdoor hot tub filled with fresh mountain water, no chemicals are added. A submersible wood firebox allows you to adjust the water temperature, hot in winter, cooler in summer. The tubs are cleaned and refilled with fresh mountain water after each use, used water irrigates the land.

Time to stop, relax, and allow the heat of the water to ease any delayed muscle soreness. Allow at least an hour for your body to benefit while you enjoy the views across the water, surrounded by glistening snow tussocks and beautiful rock features. In the evening come at dusk and soak in the stunning sunsets or watch the magic starscape of the Milky Way above you. Or you can start your day with an invigorating Hot tub get those muscles warmed up and ready to go again

There are 8 private hot tubs, 1 site is accessible, 2 private wellness pods (hot tub and sauna). Each site has its own changing room.

Therapeutic massage suite, check for availability.

Enjoy private peaceful pleasant surroundings. Plus, nude bathing is just the best!

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