Braided River Jet Boating

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Rest your legs a while and take in the Waitaki from the water. Catch up with the Braided River team and let them show you why the Waitaki River has been the home of jet boating in New Zealand since Sir Bill Hamilton first tested the jet boat a few kilometers upstream in 1954.

Let Ronald or Brett, our experienced drivers, show you the Waitaki in an iconically Kiwi way - from the comfort of our 5-seater V8 jet boat.

Departing from the twin bridges at Kurow township you'll take in the towering Waitaki Dam from the water - a view only accessible by jet boat; you'll feel the power of the water as it exits the dam and surges its way toward the Pacific Ocean; pause to spot rainbow and brown trout and salmon in the deep water pools; witness the antics of some of New Zealand's braided river nesting birds -many of whom are nationally threatened (nesting season is October-January); and, if you're keen hold on as you skim the braided river channels as your driver finds some 'skinny' (aka shallow) water to play in... Alternatively, let us know what you're after and we'll design a customised trip to suit your interests and sense of adventure.

We have a 2 person minimum, but you're welcome to bring up to 4 of your Alps2Ocean friends if you're keen to share the experience.

Prior booking is essential so check out our website or contact us for more information.

We're looking forward to meeting you!

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