Mt Cook Alpine Salmon

+64 3 435 0427| [email protected]| Lake Pukaki, New Zealand

The Mt Cook Alpine Salmon Shop is located on beautiful Lake Pukaki - Leg 2 of the Alps 2 Ocean Cycle Trail!

Stop by to enjoy the iconic view, picnic tables, ice cold drinks and range of salmon products on offer.

Our Freshwater King Salmon has been raised in nearby canals, which the bike trial goes past. The water in these canals flows straight from the Southern Alps above. This glacial, highly oxygenated water and the distinctive touch of the seasons, creates a very special salmon delicacy - a must try on on any travel ‘to do’ list!

Visit our shop for:
- Sashimi, fillets and whole salmon
- Hot smoked salmon
- World famous views of Lake Pukaki and Mt Cook
- Coffee and refreshments
- Picnic area and restrooms

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