Your Quick Four Day Itinerary

So you only have a spare four days for the Alps 2 Ocean Cycle Trail - no problem!

Best suited for fit and experienced cyclists on a tight schedule, head down and pedals cranking if you wish to do the whole Alps 2 Ocean Cycle Trail in this time.  An e-bike would also make meeting this schedule less strenuous if you wished (e-bikes up to 300watts are permitted on the trail).  While the elevation and topography is generally easy and down hill, don't be fooled, there are also some hills to climb - but that just makes the fantastic views all the more rewarding!

There is a heck of a lot to see and do in the vicinity of the Alps 2 Ocean Cycle Trail from Aoraki Mt Cook or Tekapo to the quaint historic town of Oamaru.  It would be a shame to miss any of it while you are here.  So the alternative of course, is to take a much more leisurely approach and do some of the Trail this trip (and take some time out following your interests - where ever that takes you), and then bring your friends back again at a later date to tick off the rest of the Trail!....And then repeat it again in the opposite direction to tick off the things you wished and missed the first and second time around - the ever changing vistas are different (and just as great!) going from the Pacific Ocean to Aoraki or Tekapo.

You have two main options to book your four day itinerary with many more options available within whichever package you should choose!

  1. Choose a complete guided or supported Cycle Tour Package. Either option is a simple 'one stop shop' for your cycle holiday.  A guided tour will mean you have the company of a knowledgeable guide with you at every twist and turn of your cycle trail adventure - all accommodation / all meals and transfers and bike hire can be included if needed.  A supported tour will be without a guide, however accommodation / luggage transfers / car or airport transfers, bike hire and dinner options are all possible to be arranged on your behalf.
  2. DIY - You have several options in doing it for yourselves... 
  • Bring your very own support team to transfer your bags to the next overnight accommodation point (and provide much needed provisions during the day!), then all you need to do is book your accommodation at strategic points according to your anticipated schedule (see the example schedule below).
  • Have bike panniers (your own or hired) to be able to carry your kit.  There are bike pinch barriers along some sections of the trail at the landowners request to keep out motorbikes.  Fair warning - bikes with panniers will need to be lifted over these in most instances.
  • Have a Luggage Transfer company move your bags from one night's accommodation to the next according to your schedule.
  • Have a transport company relocate your vehicle, for you to be re-united at the end of the period - Contact Us to discuss this option further

​Example 4 Day Schedule:-

• Day 1 - Aoraki/Mt Cook (35km) or Lake Tekapo to Twizel (54km)

• Day 2 - Twizel to Omarama (83km)

• Day 3 - Omarama to Duntroon (92km)

• Day 4 - Duntroon to Oamaru (54km)

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