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The purpose of the Alps 2 Ocean Reference Group is to provide a forum where representatives from the broad tourism sector can provide feedback, recommendations, and consideration of the Alps 2 Ocean strategic and operational objectives and timeframes to the A2O Joint Committee governing body. 

High-level objectives include:

* Ensure broad representation across the Waitaki and Mackenzie Districts for community interest groups, businesses, organisations and agencies associated with the Trail. This includes tourism and tourism-related businesses (such as food and accommodation businesses), proximity land-owners, and local and central government agencies such as Environment Canterbury and LINZ.

* Input and review of the annual strategic objectives.

* Input and review of the annual marketing strategy.

* Input and review of the quarterly operational programme.

* Raise matters of interest or concern from the representatives to governance.

* Representatives to report back to the wider stakeholder community regarding the Trail strategic and operational objectives and progress against these objectives.

* Continuous improvement of the delivery of the Trail services.

Representatives will need to work collaboratively to communicate the views of stakeholder groups to the A2O Joint Committee, and support the development of mutual trust and respect amongst members and the Joint Committee.  It is a non binding, non decision making advisory group with no delegated authority to direct activity or spend budget.

The Reference Group will consist of a minimum of six representatives for a term of two years and membership will be decided by the Joint Committee.

The group will aim to meet at least four times per year.

The further information the full Terms of Reference for the A2O Reference Group can be found here


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