Trail Status

Please report any issues to: 027 768 0378 or [email protected] 


TRAIL STATUS UPDATE - Pivot broken down on the track on section between Pig Island rd and Pine Hill Rd

SECTION 8 Duntroon to Oamaru

DATE NOTIFIED - 16/02/18


There is a broken down pivot on the trail between Pig Island and Pine Hill rd. The Wheels are over the trail and cyclists will have to get off their bikes and walk around this. It is expected to be moved Tuesday  20th when parts arrive to fix this. 


TRAIL STATUS UPDATE -  Fire Ban along Full Alps 2 Ocean Cycle Trail

SECTION 1-8 (all)

DATE NOTIFIED - 7/2/2018


​​Fire and Emergency New Zealand (FENZ) has imposed​​ a Prohibited Fire Season throughout Otago until furthur notice. 

A Prohibited Fire Season requires a total fire ban and/or the suspension of certain operations that pose a fire risk. A Prohibited Fire Season may apply in both Urban and Rural Fire Districts.​














TRAIL STATUS UPDATE - CAUTION Kurow to Duntroon River Sections 

Please proceed with caution when passing through the river sections. 

If the rivers are swift or cloudy and you can not see through them please use flood routes. 

Be prepared to come across some flooding.  




TRAIL STATUS UPDATE -  CAUTION  Beware of falling trees and branches.


DATE NOTIFIED - 1/2/2018

ISSUE -  Please be aware heavy rainfall and strong winds may cause trees/branches to fall along the river sections between Kurow to Elephant Rocks. If you come across any trees or large branches down please report any issues to: 027 768 0378 or [email protected]




TRAIL STATUS UPDATE -  CLOSED Tasman Point to Jollie River Carpark 

SECTION 1 Tasman Point to Jollie River Car park 

DATE NOTIFIED - 02/02/2018

ISSUE -  Due to heavy Rain all this section is flooded and impassable.




TRAIL STATUS UPDATE -  New Section of the Alps 2 Ocean Cycle Trail open from Awakino to Kurow


DATE NOTIFIED - 22/12/17

The Awakino to Kurow section of trail will be open at the end of today (Friday, 22nd December 2017).  It is a 4km long section of off-road trail and starts 1km east of the Awakino River.   

As people are riding down the valley on SH83 they turn right onto the new track just before the bluff at Kurow Cemetery.  The track gently zig-zags its way up onto a river terrace with fantastic views of the valley and the Waitaki River.  It then traverses along the edge of the terrace before a long downhill run into Kurow.

The new track is an important safety enhancement as it takes riders off the narrow sections of road either side of the cemetery.  Tourism Waitaki ask cycle touring companies to use the new route and encourage riders to stay off the highway past the cemetery.  It’s only a small climb and the views are certainly worth it.  The new track adds 1km additional distance to the Otematata to Kurow section of the trail.

We would like to remind riders to be careful when turning right onto the new trail.  They must check that there is no traffic behind them or pull over to the shoulder of the road before crossing the highway.




TRAIL STATUS UPDATE -  Kurow to Duntroon now open

DATE NOTIFIED - 20/10/17
ISSUE -  Section 7 Kurow to Duntroon is now open.

The majority of the trail is now rideable but there are still some areas with rough surfacing. (Currently too wet for repair )

Signage is inplace in the following areas you may have to walk your bike through including Kurow Creek area.
Please take extra care going through the creeks.


TRAIL STATUS UPDATE -  Duntroon to Oamaru now open

DATE NOTIFIED - 20/10/17
ISSUE -  Section 8 Duntroon to Oamaru is now open.

The majority of the trail is now rideable but there are still some areas with rough surfacing. 

Signage is inplace in the following areas you may have to walk your bike through including Elephant Rocks, Grants rd, Prydes Gully Rd  and Karara Creek.
Please take extra care in areas where will contractors will be operating heavy machinery in these areas.

Detour  -There is a section of the trail closed down Pine Hill Road turn and a detour in place  following the driveway up through Elderslie Estate. Follow the detour signs.





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