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TRAIL UPDATE - Trucks on Hayman Road

SECTION AFFECTED - Section 2: Landslip Creek to Braemar Station

DATE NOTIFIED - February 9th, 2017

ISSUE - Starting on February 13th 2017, Meridian would like to inform all users of Hayman Road and Braemar Road that for a period of three to five weeks Downer NZ will be hauling rocks from Landslip Creek to Braemar Station. We apologise for any inconvenience to other road uses during this time. Meridian will endeavour to carry out the works in a safe manner and be respectful of other road users and cyclists.
We ask other road users and cyclists to please travel safely and abide by the road rules. Wearing hi visibility vests and travelling in single file is recommended. Keep left and have a safe trip.

Please contact Joe Wheeler at Meridian Twizel with any queries about these works.

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